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Golden Ticket Information

Are the candy bars included with my golden ticket order?
The candy bars are not included in the cost of the golden tickets. You will add the golden tickets
and candy bars to your cart separately.
Can I have the tickets numbered?
We can leave a blank space on the tickets if you want to hand write numbers. We currently don't offer printed sequential numbers
on the golden tickets.
Can I order 1 golden ticket?
The minimum for golden tickets is 24 of the exact same ticket. If you only need 1 ticket, you will order the minimum and we
can insert only 1 in the candy bars and leave out the ones you don't need. You can make a note in the special instructions
box on your order how many to insert.
Can you print in color on the tickets?
  Because the tickets are golden we prefer to print in black only.  It looks the best and like the original Wonka Golden Ticket.
What kind of paper are the tickets printed on?
The small golden tickets are double sided golden sparkly thick cardstock. The ticket will lay flat against the candy bar.
The large golden tickets are double sided golden sparkly heavy weight paper. The ticket will wrap around the candy bar.
Both sizes are the same shade of gold color.
What size golden tickets do you offer?
We offer 2 sizes of golden tickets:
Small - 2 inch x 4.25 inch
Large - 2.75 inch x 5.5 inch
Will the golden tickets be inserted in my bars?
If you order candy bars also, we can handle the golden tickets in 1 of 3 ways:
1. Package them separately from the bars so you can insert them.
2. Insert them in the candy bars and package those bars separately so you know which ones have golden tickets.
3. Insert them in the candy bars and randomly mix them with the other bars so you don't know which ones have tickets.
Please note: Candy bars are not included in the golden tickets price. Please add candy bars to your order separately.