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Candy Holidays and Fun Facts Candy Bar Wedding Favors Make Edible Wedding Favors More Exciting
The Best Wedding Announcement is a Save the Date Magnet Use a Wedding Candy Bar Wrapper for Your Special Day
Candy Holidays and Fun Facts Candy Bar Wedding Favors Make Edible Wedding Favors More Exciting
  • January is National Candy Month
  • 3rd - National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day
  • 8th - National English Toffee Day
  • 26th - National Peanut Brittle Day


  • 15th - National Gum Drop Day
  • 19th - Chocolate Mint Day


  • 3rd week - American Chocolate Week
  • 19th - National Chocolate Caramel Day
  • 24th - National Chocolate-Covered Raisin Day


  • 12th - National Licorice Day
  • 21st - National Chocolate-Covered Cashews Day
  • 22nd - National Jelly Bean Day


  • 12th - National Nutty Fudge Day
  • 15th - National Chocolate Chip Day
  • 23rd - National Taffy Day


  • June is National Candy Month
  • 16th - Fudge Day


  • 7th - Chocolate Day
  • 15th - Gummi Worm Day
  • 20th - National Lollipop Day
  • 28th - National Milk Chocolate Day


  • 4th - National Chocolate Chip Day
  • 10th - S'mores Day
  • 30th - National Toasted Marshmallow Day


  • 13th - International Chocolate Day
  • 22nd - National White Chocolate Day


  • October is National Caramel Month
  • 28th - National Chocolate Day
  • 30th - National Candy Corn Day
  • 31st - National Caramel Apple Day


  • 7th - National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day


  • 7th - National Cotton Candy Day
  • 16th - National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day
  • 26th - National Candy Cane Day
  • 28th - National Chocolate Day
  • 29th - National Chocolate Day
Candy Bar Wedding Favors
By Georgina Clatworthys

In recent years it has become popular for couples to let their guests make their own wedding favors by setting up a candy bar at the reception. But what is a candy bar and what should you include?

A candy bar is simply a table filled with various forms of confectionary such as candies and chocolates along with small bags or boxes for guests to help themselves. They make eye catching displays within the reception room and are great fun! But you do need to give them some careful planning and choose your confectionary carefully.

Firstly consider where you will site your candy bar within the room and the size of table you will need. Commonly tables will be long but you can make it work with round tables as well. Candy bars can potentially draw a crowd so think about where you place the table and how your guests will get to it. If you choose a round table then think about placing directional signs on it so your guests go around it in one direction - less chance of a mishap that way!

What confectionary will you include on your candy bar? Think about traditional confectionary based wedding favors such as mints, almonds, chocolates and candies. You can also add in cookies, cupcakes, nuts and more specialist confections which perhaps are traditional to your culture. Do not get too carried away here or you could end up with a surplus of sweet treats which will take years to get through!

Choose your confectionary with your wedding in mind, e.g. colors, themes and shapes. A candy bar of coordinating colored sweets looks amazing, but likewise a rainbow of colors can be just as pleasing. Do not forget your budget either - candies are very cheap to purchase wholesale but cookies and cupcakes will cost a lot more. You should also think about the time of year of your wedding and the potential for confectionary to melt or spoil.

Plan out how you will present your candies and confectionary and choose a range of vessels to put them in. These can include bottles, jars, bowls, stands, plates etc. Choosing vessels of varying heights will add interest to the display.

Finally, you will need to provide your guests with something to put their wedding favors in so they can take them home. Choose bags or boxes of a reasonable size (especially if you have a lot of candies) and add some small scoops to make it easy to transfer candies into the containers. Add a sign inviting your guests to help themselves and giving your thanks to them for joining you on your special day.

Georgina Clatworthy is a dedicated full time writer who composes informative articles related to wedding favors and wedding. She is connected with 1WeddingSource, today's leading wedding social networking planning site.

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Make Edible Wedding Favors More Exciting
By Criss White

Wedding favors are intended to show the couple's gratitude to the guests for their presence and well wishes that they have bestowed to the newlyweds. There are many types of wedding favors and generally, there are three categories: edible favors, practical favors, and decorative favors.

Determining which wedding favor you will use can be quite tricky as you have to choose the one which most guests will appreciate, whether they are young or old, or whether they are male or female. Edible wedding favors are a sure treat in every sense of the word. They are delicious and now you can even make them more interesting and exciting by personalizing them and decorating them.

While these favors can be appreciated readily and be readily eaten as well, you can make them exciting and not make it look like it is just part of the regular reception menu.

Here are some simple but fun ideas on how you can turn simple edible favors to exciting and tasty indulgence everyone will enjoy.

-Chocolates - While this classic favorite is already a good indulgence even in its simplest form, you can further enhance this classic by personalizing the chocolate wrappers or placing them in special printed boxes.

-Cookies - Also great in itself, you can give plain cookie favors placed in boxes, or you can sweeten it up a little bit by having the cookies in different shapes such as heart or bell-shaped.

-Cupcakes - Another classic favorite, you can top plain cupcakes with candy sprinkles or other toppings to make it make them more exciting. You can even spell out your initials on these favors for a truly specialized look.

-Candied fruits - Decorate these with great designs instead of simply dipping them or coating them plainly with sprinkles of sugar. Especially with apples, you have a larger or more prominent area where you can decorate.

You can ask your supplier to personalize them or give these edible favors this new twist specifically for your wedding. Just think out of the box and you can incorporate any idea as well to your wedding favors. Remember, you should have fun thinking about and preparing your favors so they will turn out to be fun as well. Wedding favors are not as grand as other aspects of your wedding but you can get great impact from everyone if you really have a well thought-of wedding favor.

Criss White is a professional article writer for bridal, wedding, and various other topics. To view some wedding favors, or to get more planning tips and wedding ideas visit Bridal and Wedding Favors.

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The Best Wedding Announcement is a Save the Date Magnet Use a Wedding Candy Bar Wrapper for Your Special Day
The Best Wedding Announcement is a Save the Date Magnet
By Andrew Barber

Save the Date magnets are one way to make your wedding stylish. They are relatively new, very thoughtful, and easy to get and deliver. When you want to make sure that all the important people in your life are able to make plans ahead of time so they can attend your special day, the Save the Date magnet comes to the rescue.

When To Send Them

They are typically sent out many months prior to the actual wedding day. Some couples send them up to a year before. The idea is to let the people make arrangements with their work and family schedules, make motel reservations if they are from out of town, and have time to find the perfect wedding gift for you.

Why They Are So Popular

Unlike a paper announcement, these quality Save the Date magnets last a long time. Years, in fact. Your friends and family will put them on the refrigerator at home or on a computer at work as a constant reminder. Since the last so long, there is no worry of them fading or falling apart before the wedding.

They Keep On Working

Long after the wedding they can still fulfill a purpose. They jog peoples' memory so they don't forget your first anniversary...or the second, or third, and so on. The beautiful photo of you two will always be in their home as a fine memento of your wedding.

Find a decent supplier. One that will allow you to customize your Save the Date magnet. It's your wedding, so you should be able to make every aspect of it just as you desire. If the company you work with has professional graphic artists on staff, so much the better. Shop around and make sure you get the service and product you deserve.

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Use a Wedding Candy Bar Wrapper for Your Special Day
By Gillian Reynolds

Your wedding day is meant to be incredibly special. After all, it's the one day where you get to celebrate a union that is meant to last the rest of your life. Sharing this occasion with family and friends is lovely and allows them to join in the joy that the happy couple is feeling. We all want our weddings to be incredibly memorable and there are many different ways to ensure that happens. One inexpensive and effective way to leave a lasting impression of your shared joy with your guests is with a wedding candy bar wrapper.

Candy bar wrappers are fast becoming the preferred favor at weddings. There are many reasons for this including the fact that they are so easy to personalize. You can add just about anything you want to a wedding candy bar wrapper including a picture of the bride and groom, the date of the wedding, as well as a thank you for attending message.

Although most people simply give out a chocolate in a wedding candy bar wrapper as a favor for their guests, there are many different ways to incorporate this sweet and fun treat into the day. All the bride and groom need is a fun and memorable design and a few hints.

One nice way to use a wedding candy bar wrapper is to have a candy girl hand them out at the ceremony. We're all accustomed to the tradition of a flower girl gracing the aisle carrying a basket of rose petals. A candy girl is a way to add a fun and modern twist to the day. Choose a special young lady and have her hand out small chocolates adorned with a wedding candy bar wrapper.

Another great idea is to have a large, glass bowl situated next to the guest book at the wedding. In the bowl you can have many chocolates in the wedding candy bar wrapper designed for the day. This way guests can take one as they arrive or leave the celebration. Be certain to make many as some people will want more than one or two of these precious keepsakes.

All brides and grooms want to express their thanks to their attendants as well as anyone else that had a direct hand in making the wedding possible. Creating a wedding candy bar wrapper with the name of each recipient along with a special memory they have with the couple is priceless. Give this as part of a basket of thank you gifts that might include lotions and scented creams for the women or tickets to a sporting event for the men.

Use a wedding candy bar wrapper to add a touch of fun and whimsy to your special day. Ask your attendants to help create these by having a pre-wedding, candy making afternoon. It's a great way to spend time with friends and make something unique your guests will love.

Gillian Reynolds has been a party planner for over 15 years. Candy bar wrappers are the new trend in party favors. They are inexpensive, easy and so much fun.

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