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Anniversary chocolate bars and personalized wrappers

Gold and silver foil wrapped Hershey's milk chocolate candy bars. Create custom candy bars for your anniversary celebration. Add these creative candy creations to your party. Personalized candy wrappers will insure your silver or golden wedding anniversary party is as sweet as your marriage has been.
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Year and Color

1st Papyrus Yellow, 2nd Linen White, 3rd Fawn, 4th Green, 5th Turquoise, 6th White, 7th Off White, 8th Bronze, 9th Terracotta, 10th Silver, 11th Turquoise, 12th Oyster White, 13th White, 14th Ivory, 15th Ruby Red, 16th Silver, 17th Yellow, 18th Blue, 19th Bronze, 20th Emerald Green or White, 21st Orange, 22nd Green, 23rd Silver, 24th Lavender, 25th Silver, 30th Green, 35th Coral, 40th Ruby Red, 45th Sapphire Red, 50th Gold, 55th Emerald Green, 60th Diamond White, 65th Sky Blue, 70th Platinium, 75th Diamond White.